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Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane

Małe Żywczańskie 16a, Zakopane

Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane

Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane - Description

Our hotel is located at the foot of the Tatra mountains. The centre of Zakopane is only 15 minutes walk away and the starting points of mountain routes are also close by. All the rooms are fitted with bathrooms, fashionable furniture and TV sets (Sat). We provide towels. The hotel also has its own fenced car park. The view from the windows is on the breath taking Giewont mountain peak, the most well known mountain in the Tatra range. Those seeking comfort and relaxation are sure to be satisfied thanks to the gorgeous country-side of the Biała river valley.

Białego Valley (yellow trail) is situated 3 minutes walk for Szarotka, nestled between slopes of Mount Krokiew and Sarnia Skała, in its upper parts it climbs over to slopes of very Mount Giewont. The stream running along the valley has washed out deep ponds in soft lime rock, and where rock is solid dolomite picturesque waterfalls have been formed. The river bed is mainly white in colour, hence the name of the stream, which translates directly into English as the White. The stream has got the biggest vertical drop of all mountains streams in the Tatras of 187 metres for every length kilometre. The valley itself is situated within a nature reserve, named after a well known forester Stanisław Sokołowski. The valley's amenity next to interesting rock formations are its plants – next to spruce there are also beech and fir trees here, together with shrubs like Alpenrose, otherwise known as rose with no thorns, and dwarf pine growing here on exceptionally low altitude. There are also Edelweiss growing on lime rocks, Martagon Lilly and yew trees growing in places out of the tourists' reach. As for fauna of the valley, there are deer, brown bear comes down occasionally as well as lynx and wolf.

Rooms offered: 4 Standard Double rooms, 5 Standard Triple Rooms, 4 Basic Double Rooms, 2 Basic Twin Rooms, 2 Basic Single Rooms.

Excellent breakfasts served in the form of buffet. Our breakfast offer includes hot dishes.

Ski and snowboard lovers can count on transport to the top of the Kasprowy Wierch. Bus stop in front of Szarotka. Operating every morning at 8.30. For those who choose more intellectual entertainment, such as going to the theatre, we offer tickets to one of the performances of the Witkacy theatrical group.

Ace of Tourism 2009

Zakopane, located in southern Poland very close to the Tatra National Park (Tatrzanski Park Narodowy), offers many attractions all year round. In summer it is very popular with hill walkers and mountain climbers and in winter with the winter sports enthusiasts. The Tatra mountain range in Poland has an Alpine character which, for many people, is one of the main attractions and the reason for visiting Zakopane.  Mountain hiking is well organised here as are trips by cable car which is highly recommended especially for sightseeing.  Even experienced mountain climbers, familiar with the Alps, are amazed by the view over the Valley of the Five Lakes (Dolina Pieciu Stawow) in the autumn.
Zakopane is the starting or finishing point for hiking expeditions but the town itself also offers a variety of attractions for visitors.  The architecture of this region is quite unique.  Houses are all constructed from wood without the use of metal nails and traditionally, every building has its own name. Many are decorated with elaborate floral motifs.
Krupowki Street, the most popular pedestrian thoroughfare, is lined with restaurants and taverns (karczma) where local specialities are served.
Zakopane is only four centuries old. It was founded at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries as farmer and shepherd' settlement. The legend says that a man called Gąsienica arrived to the area with his sons Paweł and Jędrzej and that they built a mill. For many years Zakopane was a godforsaken village. In the middle of the 18th steelworks were built in the nearby Kuźnice and iron ore mined in the Tatras was processed there. The manor house of the owners often received visitors and mountain climbers. This is when the beauty of the neighbouring and sunny Zakopane valley was first discovered. In the 19th century Zakopane became a well known tourists resort and a health spa. In 1845 the first parish was set up in the village and two years later Zakopane priest Józef Stolarczyk arrived to Zakopane. He encouraged highlanders to let their houses to holiday makers, so that later on people started building separate houses for guests. In 1878, Walery Elijasz was the first ever “newcomer from lowlands” to built a house in Zakopane. He was the author of numerous well known guidebooks to the Tatras. The first hotel in the town, the Pod Giewontem hotel, was built in 1885. In 1899 Zakopane was given a railway line connecting Chabówka and Zakopane, which started a new chapter in the town's history.
Development of Zakopane was strongly connected with Towarzystwo Tatrzańskie (Tatra Society - 1872) and doctor Tytus Chałubiński, who is often referred to as the discoverer of Zakopane and the king of the Tatras.
In 1886 the village received status of a health resort. It was granted municipal rights in 1935.
The late Polish Pope John Paul II's visits to Zakopane became one of the most important events in the town's history. The Pope was attached to Zakopane and the Tatras since he used to spent a lot of time here in his childhood and then youth. As a graduate of Kraków Seminary he used to do a lot of hiking and skiing here. He did not give up his love of the mountains even when he became Kraków Metropolitan. His favourite places in the town were Jaszczurówka chapel and Księżówka - holiday house of the Polish Episcopate. In the Tatras, he was particularly fond of the Chochołowska Valley, which he visited again in 1982 after he was elected the Pope. His next visit to Zakopane and the Tatras took place in June of 1997. The Pope visited Mount Kasprowy, Morskie Oko Lake, went to Ludźmierz.

Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane - Basic iformations

Total number of rooms:
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Rception desk:
Reception desk working hour stat 7.00 to 22.00
Customer service speaks:
Luggage storage:
Credits cards are accepted:
Diners Club
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Parking lot:
Private free of charge

Buffet breakfast

Air conditioning
Air conditioning in the whole property

All children aged 3 free of charge stay, on baby cot

All children aged 3

All children aged 3 free of charge stay if they sleep on existing beds.

All children aged 1
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charged PLN per person if they sleep on existing beds.

Extre beds can be set in the room

Extra beds and baby cots availability must be confirmed by the property

Maximum number of baby cots in the room 1

Family rooms:
pets are welcome:
Pets are accepted additional charges may apply

Amenities for handicapped people:
The property is NOT handicapped accessible
Internet acces in the whole property:
Wi-Fi is available in the public areas and it is free of charge
Internet access in the room:
Wi-Fi is available in the rooms and it is free of charge
Airport tranfer:
Rooms facilities:
Cable TV
Cable TV
Queen/King Bed
Queen/King Bed
Internal equipment:
Recreation Room
Recreation Room

Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane - Conference rooms

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The maximum number of people in a theater style: 0

Szarotka, Hotel , Zakopane - Weddings

Weddings up to 37 persons

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